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No Look-up Tables: Rules for Designing Graphics Sub-systems (Part II)
One of the design principles I apply to graphics systems nowadays is to avoid any look-up table. That means not only mathemetical look-up tables -the way we used them in the 80ieth and the 90ieth- but also cached lighting, shadow and other data, that is sometimes stored in light or radiosity maps. More
Project Velocity Update
Well folks, here is an image of the formerly top secret "Project Velocity" technology: Project Velocity As expected, with the speed that is capable from the Memjet print technology, this is built for high production print environments. The following information is directly from Oce today: Last week at the 2012 Drupa Show, the world s largest printing expo, Oce announced Project Velocity. here
[28/05/2010] Fedora 13 + kernel 2.6. More
[10/11/2010] Fedora 14 / Ubuntu 10.10 + vga_switcheroo + switch scripts(0) Install Fedora 14 / Ubuntu 10. Read more
Vintage Children Images For You Today
Sweet little boy Sisters Little praying girl Just a few sweet little vintage children for you today. I love these images and hope you will as well. Read more
A few weeks ago, we joked about creating a special version of Google Chrome that made the web 3D. Well today, all joking aside, a team at Google is actually taking a step in that direction by introducing O3D: a shader-based API for 3D graphics in the browser. Read More
Brag Monday - Frenchy Crown Chair - Easter Lamb
It's time for Brag Monday #129! Once again I'm bragging about two more projects from the last Brag Monday party. This weeks DIY pick is: This lovely Frenchy Crown Chair by Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage. More
DirectX 11.1 Notes
I plan to update this blog in the next couple of days with more information as soon as it becomes available. The upgrade from DirectX 11 to DirectX 11. More
Thrift Store Painting Turned Wall Word Art
I've been using decals as stencils for years. Don't get me wrong, I love decals in their regular form but sometimes a project calls for distressing or other custom touches that you just can't do with decals. here
Sandy Bridge Graphics Disappoints
See update and the end of this post: New drivers released. Well, I'm bummed out. Here ...
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